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RENTON, Wash., June 11, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Did the prom queen gain weight or the computer geek end up having the last laugh? Or are you more interested in the successes and struggles of the people who were part of your life all those years ago? According to a whopping nine out of ten (90%) of respondents in the 2008 Reunion Poll from, talking about money, status and physical appearance isn't as important as connecting -- and staying in touch -- with friends they haven't seen in years.

"In January through May of 2008, members used our new Reunion Center to organize 300% more in-person events than the same period in 2007," said Greg Ott, senior vice president of marketing at "As one of the most visited social networks and the No. 1 site for planning reunions, we're pleased that is helping members plan three times as many in-person get-togethers with friends than they did last year." 2008 Reunion Poll key findings from respondents also include:

        93% want to hear from school friends
      80% would like to connect with a friend
    78% desire to connect with a group of friends
    74% would do things differently including being more social, more active and less shy if they could go back and do high school over again
    52% hope to see their teacher
    38% say that they will not fib about their personal life including family, marriages, kids or divorce
    34% will flip through old yearbooks before attending the reunion
    29% are going to buy a new outfit in preparation for the reunion
    18% plan to diet before the reunion
    14% might consider lying about their personal life including family, marriages, kids or divorce

Many poll respondents report that instead of preparing for a reunion by dieting, getting a nip/tuck or coming up with a few fibs to make them sound better, they are actually flipping through yearbooks and making mental notes about which friends they most want to get back in touch with.

"In this Internet age where someone can boast a list of 'thousands of friends' that they've never even heard of, people are looking for real-life connections," states relationship expert Dennie Hughes. "We all have that person we regret losing touch with, whose friendship impacted our lives in some way, that someone we still have a comfortable bond with that we can incorporate into our present lives, and stay in touch with on a regular basis. Resources like the Reunion Center make it easier than ever to get together and stay connected with people we care about from throughout our lives," she says.

High School Reunions Remain Popular

About eight million people are expected to attend high school reunions in the United States this year. More than 90% of reunion planners are volunteers, the unsung heroes who make their class reunions possible.

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