2008 Romance Poll Results Revealed for Valentine's Day; Over 90 Percent of Respondents Thought About or Want to be Contacted by Past Loves

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RENTON, Wash., Jan. 29, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Valentine's Day is fast approaching along with thoughts of current romance, but also past loves. (, a leading online social networking service, polled its community of more than 40 million members and found that more than 90% of respondents either thought of their first love or high school sweetheart in the last year or would like to be contacted by an old flame.

 But even if that old spark has burnt out, the flame of curiosity is still strong. Fifty-six percent (56%) of poll respondents said they have used the Internet to look up an old boyfriend or girlfriend, and 65% did so because they were curious as to what their ex was doing today.

And how did they break the ice with their old flame? "It's been a while, how are you?" was the favorite opener with 48% of respondents.

Differences between men and women were revealed in their answers to the question "What would you most like to receive on Valentine's Day?" The number one answer for 23% of male respondents was "a kiss." But "flowers" was the number one answer for 16% of female respondents, followed by 15% hoping for jewelry while 10% would be content with "a kiss." 2008 Romance Poll results include:

 -- 55% of respondents thought of their first love or high school 
    sweetheart in the last year.  
 -- 43% of respondents said they would like to be contacted by an old
 -- 34% of respondents said they have been contacted by an old flame
    in the past five years.  
 -- 53% of respondents would go out on a first date on Valentine's 
 -- 27% of respondents think Valentine's Day is a time to think about 
    loved ones.
 -- 27% of respondents think Valentine's Day is romantic.  
 -- 20% of respondents had met their true love in school (K-12).

"If you're curious about a long-lost love or friend, is a great place to start because it has more than 40 million members which really increases the odds of finding the person you are looking for," says relationship expert Dennie Hughes. "There's something really wonderful about getting in contact with people from a different place in your life, who can remind you of experiences that make you smile. So have fun exploring your curiosity, see what friends are up to today and stay in touch them."

" is all about real names, real people and real connections," says Steven McArthur, president of Classmates Online, Inc. "It's free and easy to register, list yourself to be found, discover friends and acquaintances, and find out what they're up to today. It's safe because your contact information is not revealed unless you decide to share it. Simply becoming a free member creates the opportunity for you to hear from a long-lost friend."

"Members often share their inspirational stories of how unexpectedly changed their lives: from proposals to weddings, adopted children and biological parents meeting for the first time, school or military reunions, job offers, and rediscovered friends who now keep in touch," added McArthur.

Editor's note: Real-life reconnection stories, as well as interviews with members and/or relationship expert Dennie Hughes, are available for media upon request.

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